Sunday 23rd February 2014

New Select All Boxes

If you search for a bonus/ingredient link or you use the dropdown list, you will now have a select all checkbox to use. You may need to refresh your browser for this to initially work but it seems to work great for me at the moment.
I hope this helps you, if anyone has any problems please let me know.
Good Luck

Friday 31st January 2014

Navigation Update

Thinks I have sorted the navigation out, any problems please send me a message.

Tuesday 28th January 2014


Think I have found the issue I had with some browsers for the new navigation system. I will be away for a few days so have uploaded the new settings to a beta site:
please try it out & see if it works for you.
If not could you drop me an email letting me know which browser you use and I will take a look when I get back.
Thanks to you all,
J :)

Tuesday 28th January 2014


My apologies, seems I need to do a little more work with the new navigation system. I have reverted the changes for now as it is just not working for everyone.
Many thanks

Monday 27th January 2014

Navigation Change

I have changed how our site loads while navigating. You should find it much faster than before. I have just updated the main navigation & gift navigation at the moment & will do all the other little bits n bobs when I get a bit more time.
You may need to refresh your browser a couple of times to take affect.
Any issues please let me know.

Monday 27th January 2014

Chrome Issue

All Chrome users who are having difficulty with the dropdown list, please click on the 3 little lines top right of your browser, go down and select About Google Chrome. There is an update button there, click update & the problem will be fixed for you.

Wednesday 22nd January 2014

Bonus Scroll Issue

As a temp work around until Google decide to fix Chromes disaster of an update, if you click & hold the right mouse button over the scrollbar, then whilst still holding the right button use the left button, you can scroll down the list of items.
Hope this helps a little.

Sunday 19th January 2014

Chrome Issue

Hi all,
Many Chrome users are experiencing issues with the scroll-bar on the bonuses drop down list. This is a Chrome issue & has been filed as a bug on the latest version of Chrome. Hopefully an update to fix the issue will not be too long away as it is affecting hundreds of people on many different sites across the web!!!
In the mean time, select the scroll-bar & type a letter, this will take you to that letter, then you can use the arrows buttons on your keyboard to go down the list.
Happy Farming to you all :)

Tuesday 22nd January 2013

New Users & None Members

Funding is always an issue with our site so to encourage all none members & new users to help contribute I have enabled a free months trial. You will get all the features of paid membership except downloading the Auto Clicker. This is to show how much membership helps with your farming. I'm sure you will not be disappointed.
All proceeds from membership go to the running costs of our dedicated server....and maybe a cup of tea for me while I work ;)
A big thanks for all current members, without you our site simply would not exist.
Happy Farming to you all,

Friday 7th September 2012

Feed Bonus Collector

As promised, for all my members, the new Feed Bonus Collector is ready for use.
Same principle as the Auto Gifter & Auto Bonus Collector, check all the boxes of bonus or ingredient links you would like, click the 'Click Here' link at the top & away you will open a new window to collect an item, once collected it will 'like' the post so it does not show on our site again & then it will change the window to the next item.....and so on.

I had to refresh my browser a couple of times for it to work but after it seems to run great.
If you do have any problems please let me know.....enjoy :)

Tuesday 4th September 2012

Auto Bonus Collector

Hi all,
For all my members, I have added an auto collection feature for bonus & ingredient links in the 'bonus' section of our site. Pretty easy to use, check each checkbox you would like the bonus of remembering the 12 hour rule of accepting bonuses from the same farmer, then click the 'click here' link at the top of the bonuses & a pop up similar to the Auto Gifter will appear & scroll through the selected bonuses :)
Any problems please let me know.

I will be adding the same for the 'feed bonus' section as soon as I get time to code it as its a little more challanging ;)


Friday 10th August 2012

Total Links On Categories

A small change to help with server load & speed...
On each category, instead of counting all links for each gift, we now count the first 1,000 & if theres more then we simply display 1,000+.
It was taking too much time to load categories especially Products.
We have almost a total of 500,000 links & each gift in the product category was counting how many links there were out of the 500,000, there are currently 20 gifts in the product category so thats a lot of calculating which is increasing server load & slowing things down.
Should be much quicker this new method.
I have added the grand total for each gift on the gift page.
Hope that makes sense & speeds things up evenmore :)

Friday 10th August 2012

Website Update

I have successfully swithced the beta site to the main site & all has been running great. Server load is much better & the site is much faster & user friendly.
The old beta site now has now been removed so is no longer accessible.
Thanks to everyone who tested & sent feedback, it was very kind of you to take time out to do so.

I noticed a couple of the bonuses & ingredient links have -1 Days 18 Hours on them, please ignore that as they still work, was a typo in my code which is now corrected & in the next 24 hours or so they will dissapear.

HaPpY FaRmInG to you all :)

Saturday 4th August 2012


Another update from Slashkey...

16 x gifts added plus a few new bonuses, most productive being Lamb I think.

To view full details of the update please click here to goto Slashkeys forum.
Thanks all & HaPpY FaRmInG.

Wednesday 18th July 2012

A Friends Great Cause

Hi all,
A great friend of mine is going on an amazing journey in support of cancer research.
I would appreciate it if any of you could like his page & maybe even donate a little something.
They are riding more than 3000 miles from Norwich, via the white cliffs of Dover, the Pyrenees, the Spanish plains, and a ferry over to Africa! Then turn round and do it all again facing the other way!

Server news...all seems to be running great.
I have been working on refining our site & improving scripts so an update will be coming soon :)

Friday 22nd June 2012

Reporting Links Improvement

I have made reporting broken links much easier.
Instead of reloading the whole page after you have reported a link & then having to scroll all the way back down to where you were, it will now report instantly & the page will stay where it is.
A much better solution for reporting broken links which is now working on Gift, Bonus & Ingredient links.

Please remember, I check every reported link individually everyday sometimes having over 500 a day & out of every 100 links only 5 or so are actually broken. Please make sure you havent used a link for at least 24 hours before reporting it broken. Time I spend on checking links could be time used to improve our site!!

Thanks all :)

Saturday 16th June 2012

Gift Errors Update

My apologies for the short outage, 1 tiny mistake in my code broke the whole site Ooops.

I have corrected the case sensitive type issue & have tested lots...all seems great again :)

Theres now a Fathers Day category for gifts & all 5 new items have been added,

HaPpY FaRmInG :)

Saturday 16th June 2012

Gifts Error

Seems Slashkey have started adding gifts as well as bonuses with case sensitive types, Bananas now have some fathers day items with them lol.
I will have a lot of re-coding to do but I am on the case so bare with me :)

Thursday 14th June 2012

Bonus Section

I have now removed the unknown links in the bonus section as I dont think we need them anymore.

It was bought to my attention that some bonus items were duplicating, i.e Okra & Apples, when you used the dropdown list it would give both instead of just one. I found it was the bonus type which was the problem, Okra was type 'at' where Apples was 'AT' so case sensitive.
It seems there were many case sensitive items which I was unaware of.
I have now fixed this error so all should be good once more :)

Monday 4th June 2012

Welcome To You All

Well I thought was it about time we had a news section on our site due to the latset changes everyone has seen.

Recently Facebook changed a few rules for apps like Farm Town which disabled our much loved Turbo Gifter. This has caused us all much grief & trying to find another way whilst still funding the site has been very difficult.
As most of you know, I have succeeded finding a new gifting solution, our new Auto Gifter. Not quite as quick as the Turbo but still pretty good.
I have also added membership options as funding the site was a real problem after our Turbo was disabled, a big thanks to all who have joined so far.

A note to all my Turbo users...
I would like to express my gratitude to you all, you have been so supportive through this difficult time which means a lot to me. I have enabled 2 years membership for you all as a thankyou from my wife & I.

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