Sunday 24th July 2016

New Favourite Bonuses

Hi all,
I think I have now ironed all the bugs out of the new bonus favourites.
You can have a maximum of 50 favourites.
Hope it helps everyone,
J :)

Thursday 21st July 2016

Facebook API Update

Hi all,
I will be upgrading our site to use Facebooks new API tonight.
There should be no downtime as I am pushing everyone onto a temp site for a short period.
Hopefully only take a couple of hours.
I thank you all for your patience,
J - Admin

Update complete, I have tested & had testers testing with no problems so if you do have any, please let me know.
Thanks to you all :)

Saturday 28th May 2016

Just An Update....

Hi all,
Just updated a couple of things on our website.

Members now do not see a list of gift links as I dont think you need to, there is an option to show or hide them.

I have added a current count of which gift you are collecting, this is located just under the page quantity selection so will help a lot when you are doing 1000 links, instead of scrolling to see how far you have done you can see the count.

I have also added 25 & 75 to the page quantity selection, just in case you only need a few trees or something as this was requested several times.

Hope you like the updates, any problems please let me know.
HaPpY FaRmInG to you all :)

Monday 16th May 2016

Gift Page Quantity

Hi all,
Due to the new gifting tools, I have added an option for 100, 250, 500 or 1000 gift links per page.
If it does not work straight away for you please refresh your browser a couple of times to update the javascript required for the update.
A big thanks to David for the suggestion.
Happy Farming to you all.
I have just changed the default 100 gifts per page to 150 as the giftbox will now hold 150.
Many thanks.

Friday 8th April 2016


No matter how many times I submit ID Facebook will not unlock my account.
Catch 22, name on account is FT Giftshop,
they will only accept certain ID & none have that name :(

Please add me back as a friend on Facebook.
I know all of you from Farm Town so should not breach Facebooks terms me asking on here.
If you type FT Giftshop into Facebook search my name is James Swallow. (everyone calls me J)
Lets get some bonuses back!!!!
Many thanks

Wednesday 6th April 2016

Bonuses Low

Hi all,
Facebook has disabled one of my uploading accounts until I have verified my name with id like passport or driving licence which I have uploaded. As soon as it is confirmed I will start uploading bonuses again. Waiting on Facebook as usual!! :(
Many thanks

UPDATE: Facebook is refusing to let me have access to my account despite constant uploads of my ID. I will keep working on it!!

Wednesday 9th December 2015

Server Fault

Sorry folks, server broke that uploads links!
I have a backup which I am now deploying so qty of links should return to normal within the next couple of hours.

Friday 7th August 2015


Apologies for the site being down, typical something happens while I am at work!!!
All back & running again,

Tuesday 21st July 2015

Bonus/Ingredient Posted By Names

I am currently working on getting the Posted By names back on the bonus links.
Almost at a solution but Facebook once again makes things very difficult!!

Thanks all.

Sunday 19th July 2015

FB Like/Share Link Change

FB is messing with the like & share buttons again so bonuses will be down until I figure it out.

UPDATE: Thanks FB for my morning of coding, very enjoyable :)
Problem solved, should see the bonuses/ingredient links go back up over the next few hours.

Thanks all :)

Sunday 1st March 2015

Facebook New Graph Api

I have upgraded to the new Api, fingers crossed there will be no problems.
Should you experience any please let me know.
I hope the temp site helped while I made the transition, I will be removing it shortly.
Many thanks & HaPpY FaRmInG,

Thursday 26th February 2015

Another Update

Well Facebook refuse to grant me the permissions required for the feed bonuses.
It was a great tool which has now sadly gone forever.
I have however found a way to upload links so at least there will be plenty of bonus & ingredient links for you all.
I will over the next few days remove the feed bonus section of our site & start using the new api.
There may be a short downtime during the transition, no more than 30 mins if all goes well.
I will add another update when I plan on making the changeover & try & give you plenty of notice.
The rest of our site is still fully functional, its just the feed bonuses which are affected at the moment.
Many thanks to you all,

Friday 20th February 2015


All permissions required to use the feed bonuses have been declined by Facebook :(
I have resubmitted asking for better explanations as it was vague to say the least!!
This is their reason for the main read_stream permission we need....

This permission is granted to apps building a Facebook-branded client on platforms where Facebook is not already available. For example, Android and iOS apps will not be approved for this permission. In addition, Web, Desktop and TV apps will not be granted this permission.

If anyone can tell me what this means please let me know, there just does not seem to be any into on the web.

Sad times but will keep trying :(

Thursday 19th February 2015

Facebook Graph API Issue

Dear Fellow Farmers...
Facebook is making some major changes at the moment & are forcing developers off the version 1.0 of their Graph API, this is how Facebook and our site connect to each other.
They are also deprecating their FQL system which is what I use to scan & retrieve all data for the feed bonuses.
This is going to be a major problem for us as the new version 2.2 Graph API will not allow read_stream permission for any web based apps which we are, without this
permission I can no longer read your news feed to collect your Farm Town data.
This is causing issues with app developers worldwide with many apps which will simply cease to work.
We will be forced by 30th April to use the new API & the old one
will be switched more feed bonuses :( I will have to make the switch prior to this date to check all other parts of our site work ok.
It does not stop there, how I upload bonuses also uses the FQL system which is also being
switched off on the same day so I will not be able to upload any more. This will be down to you!!

I am testing an in-Facebook app for the feed bonuses which I have
worked on for a few weeks using their new system. I have had to
request the permissions required to make the app work which I have
sent to Facebook for review, this can take 7 days, fingers crossed
they approve the permissions required, if not ummmmm yea, I dont know, will have to see why they reject my request & go from there.

At this moment, there are no posts from Farm Town appearing on your news feed hence why no data is being returned & why there are not many bonus links added by me. I would say this is probably due to similar problems we are all facing with Facebooks upgrade. If you go to the My Requests tab in Farm Town they also have the issue of no data being received so we are not alone with these issues.
Official reports are here:

My apologies for the lengthy message, I hope it sheds some light on
the issues being faced at the moment with the feed bonuses.

Thank you all for your patience.

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