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FT Giftshops Auto Clicker has been developed for Farm Town & can also be used for Farmville.
It takes complete control of clicking your mouse for you making it faster & easier to: Level up, Plow, Harvest, Chop trees & actually makes fishing easy and fun with the benefit of no more tired finger or worn out mouse!
It is a great aid for those of you who suffer from arthritis or similar medical conditions so that you can play Farm Town, without suffering pain.

Actual size of app:

FT Giftshop Auto Clicker

Set how many clicks you require per second, which mouse button to click, press F10 to start and away you go. All you have to do is move your cursor around a farm and the work is done automatically!. To stop the auto clicker simply press F10 again.

FT Giftshops auto clicker works with all Windows systems.

This application is available to download for all donating members.
To become a donating member & download the Auto Clicker too please visit the Members page.

A big thanks to my wife for her patients with me while I created the app ;)
J - Site admin.


It seems Slashkey have changed their rules regarding the use of auto clickers...
If you are detected clicking faster than humanly possible you will first recieve a warning & then be banned for 1 week.
There is no set max speed as it depends on server load at the time.
For now I would advise not using the 10x speed but if you do...use it at your own risk!!.
J - Site Admin

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